Expecting the unexpected?

According to mythology, Pandora opened the box (actually it was a jar) containing all the evils of the world when she was told to never do that. As soon as she opened it, they all escaped, allowing evil to reign. It was impossible to undo what had been done.

History has shown us that the Pandora’s Box illustration is almost always used as a negative illustration of someone or something messing up.

Well, I’ve discovered that it can also be the perfect way to describe a positive occurrence.

I met with a bunch of men this morning and threw them something they probably weren’t expecting. And, surprise!, surprise!, they swung at the pitch and knocked it out of the park!

At this point, all I can say is:
• Wow!
• Daryl, Jeff and staff… sleep in on Wednesday mornings from now on!
• What we let out of the box might just change Wilmington!
• Dang, fellows! You’re impressive!


6 responses to “Expecting the unexpected?

  1. Just for the record Jeff and Daryl did not sleep in. I can not speak to anyone else though.

  2. Care to explain? lol

  3. You may not have slept in here… but did you sleep in where you are in Georgia?

  4. You had to have been there…

  5. fineeee lol…I dont do much sleeping these days

  6. I tried to relate the event to someone later on in the day. I failed. You’re right. You had to be there. All I have to say is that being in the room with that group of men is like sitting in a room with at least that many sticks of dynamite. What a spiritual privilege! Thanks Joshua’s Men for allowing me to be a part!

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