Mr. Ed Goes to Church

Sunday was a wild day at Lifepoint!

mr-ed-goes-to-church.jpgTo begin with, it was C-O-L-D! And Sam, the janitor who opens up the school for us was late arriving. That meant we stood out in that cold waiting to get in. Brrrr….

Next, Mr. Ed shows up at the front door. And he really wanted to come inside. We didn’t know if he was housebroken or not so we didn’t let him in. I’ll bet he was wanting a cup of Port City Java coffee and one of those really warm, melt-in-your-mouth Krispy Kremes that arrived about the same time he did.

Then I get a text message from Jeff‘s better half, Michelle, says that Jeff the pastor was some kind of sick. That set off a nice flurry of activity to a) find out how he was, b) decide what plan B would be and c) determine if we might need a plan C. The boy was quite sick! He managed to pull it together enough to do the first service then crashed on the bleachers until the second service, poorjeff.jpgwhere he did an amazing job. One thing I can tell you, our pastor ain’t no wus! (although it does look like he is dead in the photo, doesn’t it?)

Additionally, both our Creative Director Brad and Worship Leader Drew were feeling puny. Brad got to feeling so bad he had to leave before the first service started (reminded me of Casper the ghost).

Finally, with almost 550 folks present at our services, everybody was jumping through hoops. But they did it with style and efficiency. I was so proud of my setup crew! They had everything up in record time. The usher crew is lookin’ mighty fine! Poise under pressure; making the difficult look easy (kudos guys and gals!).

You might want to show up next Sunday… I heard that Mr. Ed was going to bring his girlfriend.


3 responses to “Mr. Ed Goes to Church

  1. Jeff looks soooo sick in that picture. I mean really bad….I hope he is feeling better today….

  2. I think he is recovering nicely. I think he wants to get a ride on Mr. Ed and that is cheering him on!

  3. joe, did you give them some of the “black doo-doo medicine”?? =)

    miss you guys! keep it up.

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