For I am a warrior

I came cross this tidbit from Chris Elrod. Enjoy!

At night I dream as a warrior of great battles yet to be won…and victories that have already taken place.

In the morning I strap on my armor…preparing for war…and spend time with my King to discover the battle plans of the day.

Like David…I run to the battle…to face a giant….knowing that the skirmish will be painful…but the enemy will never emerge victorious.

At night I return to my place of comfort…wounded and weary…but anxious for more.

As the twilight of slumber sits in…there is a fleeting thought of Truth that creates a smile upon my face. The enemy only attacks…what frightens him!

With my King as my commander….His Righteousness as my armor…His Word as my weapon…I will rise again tomorrow…to do that which I love to do. I will fight!!!

I will not wait for the attack…but take the battle…to the enemy. Strike before he’s prepared. Lay waste to his strongholds…by the power of my King.

I will take comfort in the carnage…and privilege in the pain. I will relish the wounding…and find blessing in the bloodshed. I will love every moment…knowing that I am living my purpose.

For I have been created for only one thing…to go into battle!

For I am a warrior!!!


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