Does Janes’s Jim see Jesus?

She’s a good woman, but she had to be committed to the Oaks…

“The Oaks” is the local hospital’s psychiatric wing. The fellow talking defined the word “burly.” He makes me think of the actor who played on the Brawny paper towel commercials. “Paul Bunyan” also comes to mind. He’s tough, hard, demanding. By his own description he was a “mean, hard drinking s.o.b.” Until he met his wife 10 years ago.

She had a nervous breakdown.

His words didn’t match his physique nor his personality.

He was talking about his wife, Jane. His name is Jim. Jim’s world had just come to a screeching halt and he had no clue what to do about it.

That found him in our office talking with my wife, whom he had intimidated in the past, with tears in his eyes. Comical actually… he 6’4″ and she’s just a petite 4’8″.

When she asked if we could visit her, he lost it.

Why would you do that? It was more of a suppressed sob rather than a question. He had talked to a pastor who said he would go see Jane.

He didn’t.

Jane was admitted 10 days ago. Jim had been dealing with this, alone, for the entire time. Jane is a very private person and doesn’t want anyone knowing. She is very religious. But it is me who is having a hard time. What am I supposed to do?

When he left, he was actually smiling and said he’d try to secure permission for us to visit Jane.

Intriguing, no?


4 responses to “Does Janes’s Jim see Jesus?

  1. I would love to be part of the group that visits Jane. I have many friends who have struggled with many of the same issues. It is an incredibly tough situation for the person struggling with the issues as well as those who are close to them. I will keep them in my prayers.

  2. We waiting to hear what might transpire and would sincerely appreciate prayers.

  3. Definitely praying!

  4. As our relationship as friends continues to grow, you will come to know more and more about me. This is mainly because I believe that if I am going to be completely usuable by God then I have to be as transparent as possible. Having said this, I am all too aquainted with the interior of the Oaks. Your post has pierced my heart and I wish to echo Mary’s offer to visit or to minister in whatever manner I cna be available for. Meanwhile I will join the prayer effort for Jane and Jim.

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