3 coins in a fountain (or, 3 folks on the line)

Just read Vince’s post today on spiritual maturity and it actually made me feel much better.

From the moment I walked into the office I’ve been on the phone with “takers.” A Taker is someone who has the potential to suck you dry. To illustrate, one calls on the phone and sounds as though he is on his last breath and is dying. He actually thinks that he is dying. That, for him, is a crisis. He has the ability to monopolize your time, attention and energy — he doesn’t listen to what you are saying, he continually regurgitates his maladies.

While on the phone with him, another fellow calls, in a similar state of affairs. I think, “Why me, why first thing in the morning, why on Monday?”

While having one on hold, one in my ear, line three brings in yet another. At least it is a female (diversity adds interest). Same tune, same words.


Then I realize that I asked for this earlier today. Innocently, I asked, “Lord bring people to me today who I can serve.” Remember the old adage, “Be careful what you ask for because you might get it?”

Three folks on the line, all screaming out for help, none of them know what I know about who Jesus is and what he can do.

Time to step to the plate and swing at the best they can throw me. I’ve got the upper hand; time to prove it.

The way Vince said it:

… the three greatest signs of spiritual maturity are: (1) Intimacy with God, (2) Obedience to God, (3) Serving other people. The way we’d say that at Forefront is, “Love God, Love People.” Jesus said that all the commandments hang on this. Loving God is a relational thing and leads to intimacy with Him. (So it’s sharing His heart, and sharing my heart with Him.) Jesus also taught us that to love God is to obey His commands. (So one way to measure spiritual maturity is how quickly you obey God.) Jesus also said He came to serve and we’re to follow His example. (So getting past self-centeredness and learning to put others before ourselves is what we’re after.)

Thanks Vince!


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