Ever tried to wire transfer money internationally?

Usually not a big deal. Call the bank, give the info and “wham!” money leaves your account and goes into an account in another country. Instantaneous.

Or, it’s supposed to be.

I’ve done it many times. Flawless. Easy. Convenient.

Until one day last week. Decided to use another bank. Big mistake.

Two weeks later the money is still floating around in cyberspace. When the lady in the wire transfer department – Terri – mumbled something about “Uganda,” I spoke up and said, “It was going to Brazil.” When I heard the response, “Oh?” my stomach began to feel queasy.

“Don’t worry. We should have an answer for you in 3-4 working days.”

What? It’s been two weeks already and it was supposed to be instantaneous!

“Sorry. Oh, and Monday is a holiday so that will delay our responding for another day…”

Is the bank a dentist?


2 responses to “Uganda?

  1. Don’t you just think that customer service is a dream come true? Brazil… Uganda… what’s the difference, right?!

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