Feed me!

little-shop-of-horrors.jpgEver see the movie The Little Shop of Horrors (1986 version with Rick Moranis)?

Remember the carnivorous plant that was continually demanding, “Feed me!”?

While I no longer have to deal with this as a pastor, I still hear it an amazing number of times during the year. “I want to be fed and that is why I go to church. If the pastor doesn’t feed me, I’ll go elsewhere.”

To which I reply: “Give me a break!” Frankly, it makes me want to hurl (not a baseball, but my lunch).

Vince up in Virginia Beach has been doing a series on this and noted today:

People who say, “I’m not getting fed” are lazy. Seriously, think about it. The people who say this only get 30 minutes with their preacher a week, but they expect their preacher to feed them. They have 167 ½ hours the rest of the week, but their spiritual sustenance is supposed to come from their preacher, in only 30 minutes. They can’t figure out some other way of getting spiritual nutrition the rest of their week despite living in a country where we can legally own bibles (and the average home has three!), where Christian bookstores are all over the place, and where the internet provides a never-ending supply of spiritual resources.

Gotta say, I heartily endorse the sentiment.


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