Ever tried to answer your phone while brushing your teeth?

Hawhoa, ist it yoe!

What’s even more entertaining is trying to answer the phone after going to the dentist.

Yesterday the doc novacained me all the way up to my eyeball. This was so he could pull out a corkscrew and twist it into the back of my medulla, from my mouth. Since he knew he’d be working on me for almost two hours, he authoritatively stated, “I’m going to really ‘beef up’ this shot so you won’t feel a thing.”

Did he ever!

Besides drooling all over myself, having an eye unable to blink, feeling like I had two cotton rolls up my nostril, my tongue kept going in the wrong direction (I think the needle ‘nicked it).

Leaving the dentist’s office, the phone rings:

Hawhoa, ist it yoe!


Yah. Ist it yoe.

May I speak to Joe?

It he.

Is this a joke?

Ist it yoe!


Immediately the phone rings again and we repeat the same conversation, again followed by a hangup. I look at the caller ID, call the person back:

[With gusto] Ist it yoe! Eye r ou hanging up on e?

This isn’t funny.

I owe. Itsh ot!


<Sigh> I couldn’t even laugh properly.


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  1. thas iss histhericaathls

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