Daily Archives: November 20, 2007

Why we don’t want to do what I just said

Why we don’t want to do what I just said…

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Are we willing to do anything about it? Better, am I? Or am I content to just go on playing church?


Blah, blah, blah…

It’s downright discouraging.

I hear big words, flowery words, condemning words. It all sounds so nice, aseptic, so … sterile. To be honest, it gags me and causes me to wonder if I can get to the bathroom quick enough before I puke.

What has me so nauseous?

All this talk about what the church is, should be, could be, might be, ought to be. “Missional,” “emerging,” “post-modern,” “old truth,” choose your favorite flavor. It all comes across as the thick chalky stuff you have to drink before a colonoscopy. Puke-a-rama. Or as Paul noted, “dung.”

Did you realize that 60% of the 16-24 year old population thinks Christians are full of crap? That includes the same age category that is withinthe church. Tell them you are “missional” or “traditional” and they will laugh. Show them there is a better alternative by the way you live and the willingness to delve into the issues that are affecting them (though it makes you very uncomfortable), and they will flock to you like flies on honey.

My age must be showing because I’m becoming very tired of the rhetoric… I’m ready to see some action on the part of what we call the church. Uncomfortable and messy is good, nice and sterile doesn’t cut it.