Glimpses of my week…

  • A 50-ish mother of three in the throes of depression and self-worth. “Why can’t I be like everyone else! Why is everything so crazy in my head. Don’t tell me that Jesus can help – he can’t; I’ve already tried church and ‘they’ simply make it worse! It was the f***ing pastor who raped me and the members called me a liar!”
  • A 60-something bachelor unable to find the courage to get out of the bed each morning. When asked if he’s told anyone at church, he says “I told the pastor; he told me to go home and pray. I told my Sunday School class and they stopped talking to me. I told the benevolence committee that I was serving on and they said stop talking foolishness.” Are you still going to church? I asked him. “No, I haven’t been back in nine months.” When I asked him if anyone has called or stopped by to check on him since his nine month absence. He simply looked at the floor, began to cry and mouthed, “no.”
  • Letters to the Editor in Collide magazine — a magazine that attempts to empower the church to reach the culture through music: “I went and looked for Scripture in your magazine that exists to help us ‘communicate God’s truth.’ Out of the 71 pages in your mag, I found two that had Bible quotes. Two.” “In your first edition, you include non-Christian artists…” “As people of faith, I believe we have to be carefule with our message…”
  • A 30-something mother of two, self-proclaimed Baptist, “faithful,” catches her husband buying crack downtown in an alley. He’s trashed their savings because of a crack addition that she didn’t even know about; they are going to lose their home. “Why the f*** didn’t Jesus help?!”

I’m reminded of the pilot episode of NBC’s show Life—a characer who had just suffered a terribel tragedy turned to the protagonist and said: “Tell me something that means something. Tell me anything that means something.”

There are alot of messages bouncing around, but it often amounts to a bunch of noise that doesn’t mean anything.

I’m guessing that we are desperate to hear something that really means something.


One response to “Snapshots

  1. Joe, your ability to touch so often on the very areas and issues that I am pondering, wrestling with, and praying about surpass the uncanny! God has given you access to a sensitivity to people’s suffering and experiences that can only come from Him. I am comforted by the presence of brothers like you! We really need to sit down soon and have a long overdue, lengthy conversation.

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