Daily Archives: November 16, 2007


Glimpses of my week…

  • A 50-ish mother of three in the throes of depression and self-worth. “Why can’t I be like everyone else! Why is everything so crazy in my head. Don’t tell me that Jesus can help – he can’t; I’ve already tried church and ‘they’ simply make it worse! It was the f***ing pastor who raped me and the members called me a liar!”
  • A 60-something bachelor unable to find the courage to get out of the bed each morning. When asked if he’s told anyone at church, he says “I told the pastor; he told me to go home and pray. I told my Sunday School class and they stopped talking to me. I told the benevolence committee that I was serving on and they said stop talking foolishness.” Are you still going to church? I asked him. “No, I haven’t been back in nine months.” When I asked him if anyone has called or stopped by to check on him since his nine month absence. He simply looked at the floor, began to cry and mouthed, “no.”
  • Letters to the Editor in Collide magazine — a magazine that attempts to empower the church to reach the culture through music: “I went and looked for Scripture in your magazine that exists to help us ‘communicate God’s truth.’ Out of the 71 pages in your mag, I found two that had Bible quotes. Two.” “In your first edition, you include non-Christian artists…” “As people of faith, I believe we have to be carefule with our message…”
  • A 30-something mother of two, self-proclaimed Baptist, “faithful,” catches her husband buying crack downtown in an alley. He’s trashed their savings because of a crack addition that she didn’t even know about; they are going to lose their home. “Why the f*** didn’t Jesus help?!”

I’m reminded of the pilot episode of NBC’s show Life—a characer who had just suffered a terribel tragedy turned to the protagonist and said: “Tell me something that means something. Tell me anything that means something.”

There are alot of messages bouncing around, but it often amounts to a bunch of noise that doesn’t mean anything.

I’m guessing that we are desperate to hear something that really means something.