Pain in the neck

I slept “wrong” last night. Today my neck is killing me! I can hardly move my head.

It’s kinda enlightening to have this pain in the neck today as I read through Ezekiel. I’ve been in the book for the last week or so and the one thing that stands out is that Israel (and Judah for those of you who want to be totally correct 🙂 ) was a major pain in God’s neck. They absolutely refused to obey him. In fact, they basically flipped him off and did the exact opposite of what he asked.

He put a major hurtin’ on them because of it!

Which got me to thinking. . . not that God is going to zap me. . . but rather, wondering how much of a pain in his proverbial neck I am? My day has been miserable because of this stiffness in my neck. While I know I won’t make the Creator of the Universe have a bad day because of my shennigans, I know I don’t always bring a smile to his face.

I don’t want him rubbing his neck, saying, “that Joe. . . what a pain in the neck. . .”


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