When things aren’t as they are supposed to be

I have a piece of equipment at the office that isn’t working. I need to open it.

The screw that is used is completely strange to me. At first I thought it was a hex screw, then a star screw. It was neither. No device I have will open it. I went to the hardware store and purchased what looked like the right thing, but it doesn’t work.

The equipment is out of warranty and I do not want to send it all the way to California to be repaired (not to mention what they will charge me just to replace an on/off switch AND the time it will take).

I’m really bent out of shape about this and it has changed the way I view this company.

This got me to thinking about how I present to others who aren’t Jesus-followers (which, as you know, has really been on my mind of late).

Could it be that I have so misrepresented what Jesus, and his bride, offers that it is completely strange, and maddening, to those who aren’t his. That it so “bends them out of shape” that they would never consider what I have as a viable option for them?

I don’t want to be a strange screw…


2 responses to “When things aren’t as they are supposed to be

  1. did you figure out what type of bit it is? torx maybe? i have a ton of tool/bits and could help if you need it.

  2. Do you have a security torx head bit?

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