My son is in the army.

He’s been dodging bullets in the name of our freedom for the last year in Iraq.

He tried to rent a car. They wanted proof of residence, the type he doesn’t have, such as electric bill, pay stub, cable bill. Hmmm. Let’s see, residence… military outpost, desert, northern Iraq, close to Saddam’s home town.

They want him to be 25, to have full insurance coverage on his vehicle and a major credit card. All he has is cash, no vehicle and the government pays all his expenses. Even agreeing to pay for full insurance coverage and a premium for not having a credit card, he can’t prove his residence. And he has no bills. No rental for him.

As my son noted, “I drive a vehicle in Iraq that costs a half million dollars, on streets littered with IED’s that will blow the vehicle to smitterines, while being shot at with .50 cal. machine guns and dodging shoulder-launched missles. In 12 months I didn’t even get a dent on the vehicle. I guess I’m not up to snuff for driving on the streets of Wilmington.”

Pity. He’s old enough to  serve as cannon fodder and to fight an enemy in the name of us being able to rent a vehicle when we need one, but, he can’t take advantage of his “rights” he fought to defend because he is in the army and has no debt.

Something is perverted here.


2 responses to “Perversion

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  2. And the government seems baffled by the difficulty military recruiters are having in keeping numbers up? Perversion is a well chosen and appropriate word for such action. And on and on and on it goes….

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