Pain in my gut

Want to know what makes me get all weak-kneed and teary-eyed?



I know each of these kids.

I’ve held them in my lap; I’ve prayed for and cried with their mothers about their mother’s fears for their futures; I’ve given bags of rice, beans, powdered milk and handme down clothes to them; I’ve nursed some of them back to health; I’ve received gobs of slobbery kisses and little arm hugs as I’ve watched the lice crawling in their hair and seen their stomachs moving with worms under the skin; I’ve spent more hours and nights than desired asking “why” and “how” and “when.

I’ve despaired, depressed and desired about them, and their brothers and sisters —126 of them— to the point of numbness and back to hope again.

Those smiles… they tell me that it was worth it! Shucks! I don’t think I’ve seen anything yet…

[check out some of the new photos at G(i)FB(o)]


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