Little answers to big prayers

I had an extended chat with God early this morning.

I wanted to know what was going on!

How come? When? Why not? Are you?

The heart of the talk was about Brasil, though it included Wilmington in a significant way.

I came away feeling that I’d been heard and was to wait for a response “from the powers that be.” I’ve been mildly agitated since then, which my wife hates. “Why is it you talk to God and then get funky?”

I don’t know… impatience, perhaps.

An hour ago, an answer —two of them, actually— walked through my front door. Two little sisters in the faith (that is said in an absolutely good and loving way — words don’t always convey how those words are being intended) came asking me some really big questions.

I was impressed and I was honored… concerning them and God.

I sit here, between patients, amazed at the way He works.

Dang! As Jerry Clower used to say, “Ain’t God good?!”


One response to “Little answers to big prayers

  1. patrickandchristy

    Don’t talk about these “little answers to big prayers” if you’re not willing to share. That’s not fair. I wanna know…tell me, tell me. Plllleeaaaazzzzzeeee!

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