Not happy, but improving

Continuing to work through “UnChristian” and I’m not liking it one little bit!

I don’t like what I’m reading; I don’t like what I’m encountering every day and the stories that I’m hearing and now soliciting.

Heard a story on the radio coming to the office this morning about a girl who grew up Christian but converted to Islam. Why? Because “Christianity offered no answers and Islam seemed to care.” Another tidbit from the same interview: 30,000 Americans converted from Christianity to Islam last year and the majority of them were females.

Just finished Jeremiah and Lamentations a day ago. Was he talking about the American church? Are we ready for the repercussions?

I’m excited about what I sense happening around me, especially in the light of the gloom above.

There is a refreshing wind blowing. What’s your take?


2 responses to “Not happy, but improving

  1. Finished the book yesterday. All I can say is that I am praying for God to get this important research information into the hands of every church leader in America! It has had a tremendous impact on me and my thinking already and I am also praying that the Holy Spirit will keep it on the forefront of my mind each day as I seek to make Christ known to others.

  2. Pardon my French, but screw the church leaders! Seriously!
    1) They already know, deep down that we’ve made Christianity a sucky religion — it is no longer a lifestyle; and
    2) The members need to know this; “hey gang, did you know that your lack of commitment lifestyle is causing people to go to hell by the thousands and that you WILL BE held responsible for it?”

    Remember the movie “Network” and it’s famous one-liner? That’s where I am!

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