Stirring the pot

Interesting day so far…

Talked with a Buddhist who doesn’t want to “limit my options” when it comes to spiritual issues. She sees a Christian behind every bush, ready to jump out and violate her spiritually. It’s happened “many times;” “when a friend becomes a Christian they go all weird and terminate our friendship.” “Pastors want to take the fun out of life;” “I don’t want to be a Christian because I couldn’t live with myself if I was that arrogant.”

Talked with a fellow bent on wrecking havoc in his church. “They’re all a bunch of jerks and I’m gonna show ’em.” Just what is he going to “show ’em?” That innuendo, insinuation and outright lies can destroy the leadership and “spiritual” members.

Talked with a lady who has a cat with throat cancer. She is freaking that the cat may die. “I’ve been fasting and praying for 2 weeks for my cat to live! Please pray for my cat! I need God to understand that he can’t kill my cat!”

Quite a picture we Christians are presenting to the world, yes?


4 responses to “Stirring the pot

  1. patrickandchristy

    God may not “limit her options” here on this earth but He will definitely “limit her options” when she stands before our Lord and He passes down his judgment. I don’t think fun will be the adjective to describe it.

    What’s with people and their animals?

    At least it was you Joe.

  2. During the conversation with her my heart was being ripped out. Here was someone whom God had made to worship him but who had been influenced so strongly by the power of the ruler of this world that the possibility of attaining that original purpose has been sorely diminished.

    Worse yet, the one organization that has the power to help her has pushed her away.

    I fear that a lot of “Christians” will also not being having fun on J-Day.

  3. It makes me sad that Christians are so ill equipped to witness to people who believe differently than we do. Jesus Christ told the truth in love. His most harsh statements were made to the religious leaders of His day. What would He have to say to us today? Probably the same things He said to them.

  4. Do we really want to hear what he’d say today?

    As you noted, it would probably be what he’s already said. What would be more interesting would be to hear the tone of voice he’d use.

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