Hanan son of Igdaliah

Finished up the book of Jeremiah this morning.

I scanned back through it quickly, noting some of the different things I’d marked:

  • 1:7 – “you must go wherever I send you”
  • 4:3 – “Plow up the hard ground of your hearts!”
  • 8:22 – “Is there no medicine in Gilead?”
  • 10:24 – “correct me, Lord, but please be gentle.”
  • 14:16 – give glory to the Lord before it is too late
  • 16:9 – oh yes!
  • 17:7-8 – trees by the river
  • 18:6 – clay in the potter’s hand
  • 21:9 – fire in my bones
  • 21:15 – “A beautiful palace does not make a great king!”
  • 23:24 – “Can anyone hide from me?”
  • 29:11-14 – read it!
  • 32:37 – “I am the Lord… is anything too hard for me?”
  • 33:2 – I need to be asking God to reveal his secrets; he says he wants to tell me
  • 35:4 – Hanan son of Igdaliah is called “a man of God.” We know nothing about him. Yet, he earned the moniker.
  • 45:5 – “Are you seeking great things for yourself? Don’t do it!”
  • 48:10 – “Cursed be those who refuse to do the work the Lord has given them”

A suggestion: should you read the book, insert “the church” where Jeremiah talks about Judah, Israel, Jerusalem and the Israelites.” It is mind expanding…


One response to “Hanan son of Igdaliah

  1. Good outline, it’s going help as I re-read the book of Jeremiah. And the word of knowledge you gave to insert “the church” whenever Jeremiah references Judah, Israel, Jerusalem and the Israelites is truly eye opening.

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