Ever been intentional about anything? I mean dead serious about it?Last night I ran smack dab into a group of people that are rabid about their intentionality.

Jeff and I went to church last night in a bar. Yep, a bar, a saloon, a drinking establishment, thick with cigarette smoke, four-letter words and bar maids. We sang, prayed, heard a sermon and took communion. Afterwards, we smelled like a forest fire and found our sinuses stopped up from the cigarette smoke. We had to gracefully make an exit just so we could breathe.

We were at Forefront Church’s White Horse Pub campus in Virginia Beach.

They are absolutely intentional about reaching unChristians and deChristians. Everything they do is with this in mind. Spearheaded by Vince Antonucci, Forefront is composed of 78% previously self identified non-believers. Seventy-eight percent! Most churches would be considered successful if they were composed of seven or eight percent. Forefront is knocking it out of the park with 78%.


Because they are taking Jesus at face value to reach the unreached. We drove 300+ miles to observe and learn.

We were not unimpressed.


One response to “Intentionality

  1. I must say that is very cool!

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