Are we missing the boat?

When Jesus invited us to follow him, he wasn’t inviting us to a tea party; rather, he was giving us the opportunity to be involved in the most radical transformation of mankind that had ever been conceived.We were to be world-changers.

Somewhere along the way the American church lost the directive. We became lost in the wilderness of “sanctification.” We misunderstood the call to “go” by deciding to “stay.” We replaced purpose with exclusivity. We erected the scaffolding of tradition and mistook it for truth.

We have become world-maintainers.

Is it possible to change or have we missed the boat?


2 responses to “Are we missing the boat?

  1. patrickandchristy

    How do we evaluate ourselves and our churches honestly without “comparisions” between how God is working in one area or location versus how He is working elsewhere? I made the mistake of telling my pastor that the work He is doing at Calvary pales in comparasion to how He is working in Brazil. He was quick to “admonish” me about making comparasions and coming across as “arrogant”. He then proceeded to tell me that God works everywhere and we can’t say if one way is better than another and by doing so we just turn people off to our message.

    I do agree that we should never be arrogant about how He is using us b/c it is only by His Grace and anointing that we are able to carry out His Will but how do we do things better or differently if we can’t honestly evaluate or “compare”. I told him that I wasn’t diminshing what our church was doing, that I was only showing how GREAT He is working in Brazil. It’s just that when I see how He is working there versus my church, I see a HUGE difference. Maybe I’m only seeing what I won’t to see b/c I’m so passionate about GFB or maybe, just maybe, God is allowing me to see it through His eyes.

    And there lies the problem. How can we change if we ALL are so convinced we are doing it “God’s way” or the “Right way”? I’m perplexed to be honest. Any suggestions anyone?

  2. tomorrow morning, Im gona be on my soap box so get ready.

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