Busy hands and twiddling thumbs

I’ve been slammed to the wall with very little unoccupied time on my hands to ruminate this week. Today is a continuation of the same.

Quite frustrating because I’ve got a lot on my mind that I need to get out. Not for you, for me. If I don’t express it, it might cause my head to implode. I don’t think I’d look too good with an imploded head.

Two snippits of some of those thoughts:

  • A quote by Chris Elrod: Every freakin’ day is war…don’t leave home without your armor.
  • A post by Jonathan Brink today referencing Deady Viper Character Assasins, a book that I’m waiting to arrive so I can begin reading (along with the 4 that I’m currently reading, all at once!)

If you’ve ever been constipated or forced to hold it because of circumstances, you know what it’s like when it all breaks free. Hopefully I won’t explode when the thoughts align with some time and it all comes out.

Did I just say that?


2 responses to “Busy hands and twiddling thumbs

  1. the blog was alright untill I got to the end, Im sure a well educated man such as yourself could have used a different analogy. lol but I get the point

  2. I appreciate your constant use of Chris Elrod quotes. I always think I know what the church should look like until I read his blog – then I pee my pants and repent for being so sure.

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