Scum of the earth

I came across a church with a really interesting name: Scum of the Earth. Really.

Here’s what they say:

scumoftheearth.jpgIt doesn’t sound like a church name … on purpose. We really want to connect with people who have no interest in “church” by society’s definition. There are plenty of churches for “normal people” and we think we have a unique calling to reach out to our otherwise unreached friends. Our name is integral to that process. Whether outcast by society (e.g., punks, skaters, ravers, homeless people…) or by the church itself, many who come can identify with the name “Scum of the Earth” since they have been previously treated as such.

More important to us, however, the name implies that being people of faith does not mean we are better than anyone else. We know many non-Christians who think Christians are out to cast judgment on them. Our name makes it clear that we aren’t about that. We are just aware of our need for God, as Scum of the Earth. Fortunately, God never sees us like that! But the name is humble and we like that. —Chris Baker

It would definitely bring a raised eyebrow or two when answering the question: “So, where do you go to church?”

While this probably bothers many folks, I think it is another innovative way of presenting the message to an audience no one wants. It’s a shame that there isn’t more of this occuring in the American church.


8 responses to “Scum of the earth

  1. Hmmmm…while it sure is interesting, and I completely get their motive, I’m uncomfortable (and maybe that’s the point) on a couple of levels. 1. I wonder if there is a point at which we attempt to be provocative for the wrong reasons and in the process cause searchers to miss our point and in fact miss the point ourselves? 2. I like the fact that Lifepoint Churches name not only expresses our missional values, but it also honors our Lord and the Life that He desires for His followers.

  2. patrickandchristy

    Uncomfortable is good. It’s time for Christians to become uncomfortable. Maybe then we can change the direction that the American Church is headed.

    We are headed toward becoming a comfortable and weak Body of Christ that fails to exert any influence or power in our battle with Satan. We are becoming spectators that watch lost souls pass us by on their way to hell.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter what you nor I think about their name. If it is effective in reaching lost souls and building biblically and spiritually mature Christians that have a heart for the lost and needy, then it doesn’t matter who is uncomfortable with it.

    By the way, I’m speaking to myself first and foremost because I know I tend to get caught up sometimes in the trivialities of religion. This is a good reminder for me.

  3. Eddie,

    I dare you to read UnChristian by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons. Then revisit your comment. 🙂

    Check this out for a teaser.

  4. Ooooh Patrick!

    This isn’t the same fellow I first met way back in 2004. Dang! What did you do, go have a religious experience or something?

    I’ll be happy to give you some more spiritual Red Bull! Keep yelling!

  5. patrickandchristy

    It’s the water in Ubauna I think…or maybe the heat! Either way, nasty stuff. See what kind of a bad influence you can be on a Christian. You’re a baaadddd man.

  6. patrickandchristy

    And no, it wasn’t a “Religious” experience but a Spiritual one. Those “Religious” experiences last about as long as a fried chicken in the home of a Southern Baptist preacher’s plate at Sunday lunch or until the indigestion sits in and we forget about the wonderful sermon just preached on “How God Wants to Bless You.” Is Joel Olsteen a Southern Baptist? I can’t remember.

    Anyway, movin’ on….

  7. Scum of the Earth
    Blue Sky Church
    Pathways Church
    Just a few churches that recognize the way(s) of our parents are ineffective in our time. We truly live in a hurting, dying world. Instead of pointing fingers, let’s look at more effective ways to impact people’s lives for Christ. Stop handing out tracts on the street corner. Instead, get out there and get to know someone. Invest in someone’s life. Remember, people are not projects. As believers, we should be transparent.

  8. I think Nike summed it up appropriately for us: “Just do it!”

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