Not Alone is Good

Age can sometimes work against you.

Physically, the clock is ticking while your body has taken a licking. Mentally, you are bewildered1.jpgoften befuddled and you don’t know why.

That’s why when you run across someone who is encountering some of the same bewilderments that you actually begin to feel better.

The same thing holds for spiritual discombobulations.

I had coffee with a friend this morning, I’ll call him “Disturbed,” and we ruminated over the state of affairs of the church and the call of this Jesus fellow and asking the question, “are we really doing what He asked; if He came back today and walked around would He even recognize what we call ‘church’ or ‘Christianity?'”

As our buddy Bill Clinton stated, he could feel my pain.

I’m glad that my sign isn’t the only one that has a couple of burnt out bulbs…


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