The Saga of the Sign

We were monologuing on temperature and time signs, and the issue of bulbs being out.

I’m still hanging on to this, kinda like a dog with his favorite toy.

Remember my gentleman who thought Christians were somewhat Pharisaical? We had another chat on Friday. I invited him to Lifepoint’s Porn Sunday. To say that I had his undivided attention is quite the understatement! He asked me at least three times to enuciate better because he thought I was saying “porn” with the word “Sunday.”

We had an engaging conversation. He’s intrigued.

Unfortunately he was going to be out of town over the weekend; however, he guaranteed me that he’s going to check it out (“I live right around the corner”).

So, what happened?

To use the terminology of Vince Antonucci, he uncrossed his arms, at least partially.

As a sidebar, in our small group last night, one of the participants said that when she first came to Lifepoint she was looking for any reason why she shouldn’t stay. When she heard one of her favorite rock songs playing when she entered the lobby, she was intrigued. Everything she found was the antithesis of what she knew church and Christianity to be. And just like that she embraced it. She readily admitted that she would have jumped out at any minute; she was daring us “to prove it.” When we did, she saw Jesus for the first time.

At the risk of borrowing heavily from Vince, I want to wallow around in this concept a bit. It might be annoying and it might be upsetting, but, hey, it’s my blog! 🙂


2 responses to “The Saga of the Sign

  1. patrickandchristy

    Preach to us Brother Joe, we’re listening.

  2. Right on the mark!!!

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