So how do you change a bulb?

There are two types of bulbs (probably more) that you can personally change in “your” sign — those that are close by andacrisvam.jpg those that are far away. You really have no option — you must do both.

Obviously, you must concentrate on those that are within your grasp. Your day-to-day contacts that you would normally not pay attention to. Of course, these are the toughest to deal with because they present a threat. More about that later.

Those that are afar are the easiest to address. And they can make you feel really good to boot!

Remember the Barna Research statistic that 91% of folks around you stated that they do not trust Christians and that “Christianity in today’s society no longer looks like Jesus.?”

Prove them wrong, at least the the “afar” category!

Check this out and then actually do something about it!


One response to “So how do you change a bulb?

  1. Joe, Do me a favor & read the comment I wrote to you on your Oct. 4th post.

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