Going out of my way to change a bulb

A gentleman came into my office on Monday. He wasn’t a very nice fellow. Loud, brash, in your face.

Reminds you of a car salesman or a preacher. He was a car salesman (I’m in trouble now because I just insulted several of my friends who are one or the other!).

He cares not one wit for Christians. In fact, he’s used some of the same words the Barna survey noted — “hypocritical, judgmental, old-fashioned.” For the record, there were several four-letter expletives interspersed with the adjectives. At least he managed not to spit while ranting. I just hate that because it is so messy.

Know how much scripture I quoted him? None. Did I tell him he’d better “turn or burn?” Nope. Did I invite him to church? No (though I may still get that in for Porn Sunday this weekend). But I did give him a lead on a loan he wants in order to start a business that is his passion. My, my; how his eyes lit up when I expressed interest. How he looked at me with puppydog-like wonder when I told him I knew someone that might be able to help him. How he glowed when he talked about his dream and passion.

Funny thing is, I can imagine him with that same look should he find what he is really looking for but doesn’t know that he is.

We’ve chatted on a couple of occasions. His take on me Monday: “Hey, man, you’re not half bad for a Christian!”

I’m working on that other half… I think I just changed a bulb on my sign.


2 responses to “Going out of my way to change a bulb

  1. Joe,
    I don’t want to sound too mushy here, but I think that you are one special person (and I don’t mean that I think you road the short bus to school). I just really admire the way you live out your life for Christ!!! You definitely “go the extra mile” in both showing Christ’s Love to others & how you aren’t the least bit afraid to speak the truth in love. You are one awesome Old Dude!!! I’m proud to call you a fellow brother in Christ & friend. Thank you for all you do!!! Have a Blessed Day!!! Love in Christ, Milo

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