Change the bulb or bulldoze the sign

Ok. We’ve established that I like to watch time/temperature signs cycle through their change. Childhood trauma, small townitis, and so on.

What really gets my goat is a sign with burnt out bulbs.

If there are enough bulbs that are not working, you cannot tell if a number is a 3, 5, or an 8. It can sometimes be difficult to determine any number since they are all based on a square “0” with bulbs turned on or off to make the number.

This is the reason I would not own such a sign — I’d always be out there changing bulbs because it drives me crazy when they’re burnt out. And it does seem that they go out pretty quickly.

I’ve noticed that Christians are like that temp/time sign… always changing but always the same. Predictable. Heaven knows I’ve done more than my share of blinking off and on, proclaiming a change but continuing to do the same thing.

The world has noticed, too. And they don’t want what we’re selling.

Maybe we ought to bulldoze our “sign.”


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