I was on the phone this morning with Áudrey.

Should you have landed on this blog for the first time, Áudrey works with a church in a small village in Brasil. If you’re really interested, check out this blog.

He’s pushing me up against the wall.

He doesn’t mean to. But he does anyway.

He’s got me doing some serious mental processing.

I watched some stupid show yesterday afternoon about some woman who has far more money than she should. The show was all about her trying to figure out how to spend obscene amounts on herself. The arrogance, selfishness and opulence was so ugly that it drew you in by way of incredulity.

It really bothered me and has continued to do so today.

Áudrey’s call lit a match to it. And now I’m struggling to figure out how to respond.

Nebulous, right?

I’ll try to be more specific a little later…


2 responses to “Processing

  1. Sounds to me like Audrey is the one who is wealthy.

  2. You are absolutely correct!

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