“Suck it Jesus”

I’ve never watched the Emmy Awards. Shocking, I realize…

But evidently a lot of folks who want to be “Christian” were watching this past Saturday.

Appears a gal by the name of Kathy Griffin, who I have no clue who she is, won an award for her part in a show called My Life on the D-List, which I honestly have never heard of (I must lead a sheltered life).

What seems to have riled all the Christian folk up were her comments.

She is quoted as stating:

A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus.

 and she finished it off with:

Hell has frozen over. Suck it Jesus, this award is my god now.

The Catholic League’ President Bill Donohue condemned Ms. Griffin’s words calling them a “vulgar, in-your-face brand of hate speech.”

“Hate speech?”

Wow! Are we getting a little testy here?

Why are we surprised when the people in the world act like people in the world? Isn’t that why we are supposed to show them Jesus so they can experience life as an other-worldly person.

I guess I just don’t get it.


6 responses to ““Suck it Jesus”

  1. Well, Joe, I have to admit it makes me a little testy too. No, it does not surprise me, but the Spirit within me does bring out the indignance. Even if I weren’t a Christ-follower the coarseness of our present society is growing tiresome. And I am afraid I get it all too much.

  2. I agree that there is an initial shock. But at least I give her credit for being honest and not hiding behind a false declaration of allegience to Jesus.

  3. It is rare that you and I differ on much of anything, and I’m not sure we really are now, but I hardly find anything about her crude statement worth crediting. If anyone said something like that to my wife or one of my loved ones, I’d stomp a mud hole in their butt. I owe my eternity to Jesus and it offends me. Maybe I haven’t lightened up as much as I thought, but I hope I don’t lighten up quite that much.

  4. I, too, owe my eternity to Jesus. But, he said that people would hate me because of that; they would call me names, take my dignity, slander me and even try to harm me physically. He called me to not retaliate, but to understand that they DON’T understand. He asked me to give my life for theirs. If I don’t, they go to hell.

    I sincerely don’t like the rules. If I’m going to follow him, however, I have no choice but to go to where they are and respond to them like I would want them to respond to me. This gal is as lost as they come. Her brashness offends and repulses; so, do we write her off and drop kick her into hell? Is she just a piece of worthless crap?

    Of course the answer is “yes.” She is hellbound and, at least from society’s standards, is a piece of crap.

    But I think that the Carpenter just might see her in a different light.

    I don’t have the right to get mad; I have the obligation to love.

    And, what does a “mud hole in their butt” actually look like? 🙂

  5. Its crazy to think Jesus died for her….But man if He died for this sinner…Hey….Anyone can be saved….To think, even before we were saved, we did the same shes doing,Telling Jesus to “Suck it” in a spiritual way by going on our own paths declaring our own “gods” She just had the balls to say it on TV. After this im sure people are gona know who she is. Honestly, up untill reading this today, I didnt know who this women was…I do now, shes just another lost soul is this dark world….You know, Im glad im not Jesus…all this forgiveness and mercy …I couldnt always do it :-P. I mean my 1st reaction was….Alright shes just bought a ticket for the bullet train to hell. Instead of the Christian community condemning her(I think the true Judge is the only one who has that privilege, and I also think we do too much of it) we should be lifting her up in prayer. Gods doing miracles everyday. I think He could handle her 🙂 Look at Paul

  6. How can I argue with you Joe?! I love you too much. Even if you are so much taller than me! And by the way…that unfortunate term about the “mud hole?” Let’s forget I said that…OK? And I’ll leave it to your imagination what one looks like.

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