Well, maybe not.

Crossposting is probably better, but I bet “Crossdressing” made you look! 🙂

I received a note from Áudrey in Ubaúna that I’m also posting on the G(i)FB(o) blog:

We began the work Sunday at 7:15 p.m.

Is that cool or what?!

We had 22 people present and we hadn’t done anything to bring them in. We think the next service will have more people.

This is incredible. Without even inviting people in, without any advertising, without any effort, 22 people show up for a worship service at the “newbie” church on Sunday night. I think the expectation that there will be more present at the next is an exaggerated adumbration. Listen to this:

There were people healed. A woman suffering extreme stomach pain was healed instantly. Another who had a chronic and debilitating shoulder pain was also healed. There was a buzz!

I think Áudrey is becoming a master of understatement.

Check out a fuller version of his email at G(i)FB(o).


2 responses to “Crossdressing

  1. that’s incredible joe. how exciting to hear God working in people passionate for his kingdom.

  2. Stay tuned. As they say, you’ve seen nothing yet!

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