The ungospel

I forewarn you, this is intense.

As you know, I’m  up to my neck in Brasil. I’m dealing with the very thing it addresses in the response of Christians. Most folks don’t realize that they have bought into it. I was surprised when I learned who was speaking.

It was brought to my attention by my Brasilian-living-in-New-Zealand friend Dan Cort [thanks, Dan!]. Dan’s heading on it was simply “Me, too.”

The speaker is John Piper (Dave Holt’s hero).

The complete audio can be found here


3 responses to “The ungospel

  1. Have never read your blog before…I’m new to WordPress and went “tag surfing” this morning.

    This video is beautifully sad. I pray American Christians would quit trying to ‘sell ‘the Church, and just BE the Church, as Christ intended.

    Thanks for sharing such a powerful piece of media.

  2. AMEN! We need to preach a balanced gospel and live a godly life, giving glory to God in everything! James 1:2-3…

    tim kurek

    just wrote a new blog, please check it out and comment.

  3. Thank you Joe. I always know that when I sit down to read your blog, I will most likely be challenged and inspired. I know first hand that it is the God who sees us through the hard times that is the God who strengthens us. It is His faithfulness, it is His enduring love, it is His mercy and grace that blesses us, not the riches that we receive in this world. We cannot take them into the next, but His faithfullness, love, mercy and grace belong eternally to those who believe. God bless you my friend. I love you.

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