There’s some stuff out there that is really good. I don’t mean interesting, or nice, I mean good (such as borderline great). It grabs you by the proverial short hairs.

I only wish it was the stuff I write 😦

I can take partial credit for one of them because I helped create her. Seriously. Had I not participated, she wouldn’t exist.

I told her yesterday that her stuff reminds me of Erma Bombeck.

Of course I’m referring to my daughter, the eldest, Tabitha. Check out her post today, “Nermal.”

Now the other, well, I have no connection with him and therefore won’t see my name rolling in the credits at the end of each post. But, dang! The fellow is knocking some long balls out of the park. I sincerely think that he has some sort of mind suck going on telepathically and attaches it to my head at night while I’m sleeping. He’s saying my thoughts! It’s really scarey.

Nice name, too. Vince Antonucci. How can you not like someone with a name that rolls off your tongue like a piece of nice tiramisu.

All of his posts have been great. Today, well, I had to stop and write this because of it.

Why tell you to read other’s musings? Because that’s what blogging is about… sharing the knowledge. Duh!


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