“One” really is a lonely number

One of the telephones we have at the office has a “1” key doesn’t work. It rings. You can answer calls and talk on it. The volume is good, the tone is nice, it looks good.

But, if you need to make a call, and if there is a “1” in your number, you’re out of luck.

There are numbers you can dial. Not long distance. Don’t get an automated phone answering service because you can’t “press 1 if…” Don’t try to get customer service that wants to know your phone number, area code first, before it will pass you to a real person.

It’s amazing how hard you will press the key trying to make it work. Like that will cause it to function.

It’s amazing how mad it makes you. Seriously.

And it’s only a tiny piece of rubberized plastic.

In dealing with some pretty intense people day in and day out, I think Jesus is like that in a lot of people’s lives. He just doesn’t work.

It might be that there is a spot for him, but he’s not there. Every time the empty key is pressed, nothing happens.

Frustrating. A shame, really.

Maybe its time to replace the phone…


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