Congrats to a new blogger!

My eldest has entered the blogging world!

tabnrod.jpgMy daughter Tabitha, who lives out on the left coast in the Seattle area, has taken the plunge and has started her memoires (or at least her blog), called, appropriately musings of a van drivin’ soccer mom. (she’s the one in the back – doesn’t she look mischievous?)

Now why do I bother you with this?

First, I can. This is my blog

Second, she is a great writer — it must come from my jeans genes

Third, she has 5 kids born on 3 continents, a husband from Brazil and a dog named “Boo.”

Actually she doesn’t have a dog at all. It just reminded me of an old song…

In the event that you think I jest, check out her first post.


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