Not seeing eye to eye

I dumped my eye doc the other day.

He’s really a nice guy – I like him.

Whether he knows it or not, I’ll never go back to him. It’s because of a policy he has; maybe he is required by law to have it, but I couldn’t get new contacts without paying to see him.

I asked for grace. I couldn’t make an appointment for several weeks. Couldn’t they sell me a pair and let me come back in a month or so?


But my eyes might rot out of my head because I’m past due for new lenses!


Now, this little appointment I have to make will take every bit of 15 minutes but it will cost me $129. Then, I will be honored with the same prescription to purchase my contacts from him. I’ve enriched him handsomely over the last 12 months. Cut me some slack!

Made me mad. Not gonna do it.

I went elsewhere.

The first question I asked was: “Will I have to make an appointment in a year to get my contacts if I’ve run out?” They said, “No.” I paid to see the new doc (missed an appointment of my own to do so) –half of what I’d have had to pay the old doc – and found that she was much better than he.

Moral of the story: don’t be a hard-nose if it isn’t necessary; it might cost you and people will move heaven and earth to buy what you’re smoking if you make it convenient for them to do so.


2 responses to “Not seeing eye to eye

  1. So I’m about 6 months overdue for new contacts too! You know you can do the exam and get your prescription and not even buy the contacts/glasses from the Dr. So who’s the new doc?? I need to make an appt myself.

  2. Seems like common sense, but some people just don’t get it!

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