Punch in the… nose?


I just heard D. James Kennedy, the great Presbyterian orator of Coral Ridge Ministries, state that he wanted to punch people who refused to become involved in the nose!

The context was describing a woman who was being killed in plain view of scores of people. No one did anything. When asked why, they all stated they did not want to become involved. He then stated that failure to become involved in the evangelistic mission of the church is even worse – you don’t condemn a person to a single death but “trillions of eons” of death separated from God.

He stated: “Doesn’t it make you want to punch them in the nose?”

Watch out Perry! you’ve got a competitor!


7 responses to “Punch in the… nose?

  1. That’s strong man! Our job as a human is to step in. It shouldn’t be just a “hero” thas steps in and saves the day. Also our job as a follower of Jesus is to back the local church. It shouldn’t be an option.

  2. This fellow, Dr. Kennedy, is like a hundred years old. He is the kindest sounding gentleman and looks like your grandfather. When he said he wanted to punch these folks out, my mouth dropped open.

    I was tickled to see his passion.

  3. The thing about irony is that it is heavy 🙂

  4. did you post this before he passed away?

  5. I think he just died man….

  6. I knew he had been quite sick but did not know that he had died.

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