Sunday at Lifepoint, people were invited to write the names of people they wanted to see become followers of Jesus on the back of the chairs in front of them. Everyone was provided a permanent black ink marker and told to write as many names as they wanted on the white backs of the chairs.

After a few moments hesitation, the names started covering the chairs; hundreds of people wrote multiple hundreds of names! They were touching the names they wrote, praying over them, crying.

As we were packing up after the service, stacking the chairs on their dollies, someone came up to me and said: “This will really make your praying over the chairs more interesting now, won’t it?”

Yes, it does.

In contrast, yesterday, quite by accident, I came across a web site that depressed me.

It was full of hatred, slander and maliousness. The folks called themselves “Christians,” gloated in it, but attacked others who also called themselves Christians. Simply because the second group didn’t do exactly what the first group did, the first group gleefully condemned the second group to hell.

[sigh] I’ll never get used to this…

The argument for biblical “correctiness” rings so hollow, especially when contrasted with an argument to pray for those who are lost. Call me silly, but I’ll choose the latter over the former any day…


One response to “Contrasts

  1. I don’t think I need to remind you, Joe, that we are on the same page on this issue. The legalists, will seemingly never get the idea that along with the absolutes of Scri[ture, there is also an all encompassing, over-arching totality of Scripture that often contrasts with the Legalistic point of view. It amazes me that the “attitude of Christ” spoken of in the 2nd chapter of Philippians is rarely modeled by the “finger pointers.”

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