Every day I drive to work I pass a church’s building annex — a fancy way of saying “office building.” It had 3 ball fields that were used by the community, a nice two-story structure and lots of open space.

Last year they began an expansion of the building. As I watched the progress, it became obvious that they were going to put a steeple on their new annex. Yesterday I noticed they put a big cross on top of the steeple.

The first of this week saw one of the ball fields fencing come down and site preparation for more construction. Today they are in full-scale foundation preparation for a large structure. I learned about an hour ago that they have come into quite a bit of money from a parishioner dying and leaving it to the church in their will. The plans are to eliminate the other 2 ballfields as a result of the construction.

The proverbial 2 + 2 now equals 4.

I don’t know these people. I know nothing of their plans. I simply see significant funds going into physical structures, facilities that were being used by the community being eliminated and christianity being represented to the community as a symbol.

It makes me sad.

It seems to prove that Christianity has become nothing more than just another religion.



2 responses to “Sad

  1. patrickandchristy

    I know firsthand what you’re feeling and thinking Joe. You know what we’re experiencing at my church. I know a lot of good can come out of this opportunity but the question still is, “Will it?” Are we catering to man’s comforts or to lost souls? Will we gear our efforts toward fulfilling The Great Commission with this opportunity or just be another retirement community where older adults (most already Christians) can be cared for in their last days and days of sickness?

    Let’s agree, as Christians, to stop labeling our belief and faith in Christ as a “religion”. Truthfully, I’m kinda sick of hearing that word myself.

    Let’s talk about our Lifestyle, our Passion, our Soul, our Spirit, our Faith, our Truth. Pick any of these and replace the word “religion” with it.

    As of today, I do not have a religion. All I have is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ living within me. I am a Believer and a child of God. I have been granted Forgiveness through the blood of Christ that was shed on the Cross, and I have been saved from Eternal Death through the Risen Christ Jesus. It’s my Lifestyle, it’s my Passion, it’s my Faith, it stirs within my Soul, it lives within my Spirit and it is my Truth.

    From this day forward, I will seek His Face, NOT His hands, I will read His Word because I want to KNOW HIM better, not just know the “history” of Him, I will pray because I want to have an intimate relationship with Him and I believe prayer really works, I will go to church not for networking opportunities or to “look” saved but because it is the Body of Christ and I need to be taught and to fellowship with other believers, I will reach the lost and go to Brazil not because I want to go somewhere “cool” but because this is what He has COMMANDED us to do, I will forgive as Christ has forgiven, I will love others to the best of my ability and be the best light I can be in a dark world, I will believe in miracles, and I will seek to grow my gifts that God has given me so that I can use them to benefit His Kingdom and bring Him glory, I will not get caught up in the politics of the church and not stress if church lasts a little too long or is a little too short.

    I will simply be a child of God that begins in earnest a daily pursuit of His Manifest Presence and Glory.

    I feel rejuvenated already…like a weight has been shed.

    So, who’s with me.

  2. seems like I talked to someone about that this morning ; ) lol

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