Spiritual Dishonesty

Many years ago while a freshman in college, I had to write a paper on speaking in tongues for Dr. Oliver’s Christian Doctrines class. Being a young college student with a head full of mush, I didn’t know that I wasn’t actually supposed to think. Silly me, I thought I was there to learn new things that would have a profound impact on my life.

I researched the topic thoroughly and much to my surprise discovered that I didn’t have all the answers that I was supposed to have. I came to the subject fully biased with my answer before researching the topic; imagine my dismay when what I uncovered and what I thought I believed didn’t quite match up.

This has nothing to do with speaking in tongues; but everything to do with a journey and a reaction.

Dr. Oliver gave me a “C” while stating the paper was “A” quality. He further stated that if I’d but “rethink” my conclusion, he was sure that he would reconsider my grade. Not being fully stupid, I read between the lines, rewrote the conclusion to definitively state that speaking in tongues did not exist and promptly was rewarded with the “A” I’d been promised.

Most of my “religious” life has been oriented along these lines. As I’ve grown older and wiser, I refuse to participate in such spiritual dishonesty and have discovered there is an enormous difference between “religion” and “spirituality.”

That is why my Sundays are such refreshing breaths of fresh air at Lifepoint. Accused of superficial Christianity by the Dr. Oliver’s of this world, we are reaching, teaching and changing those who have no hope into individuals who understand their eternal purpose as citizens of the life to come. Though accused of spiritual dishonesty, I can testify that it is the most spiritually honest place with which I am acquainted.

I wonder what professor Oliver would think of his gullible student today? If he were still alive, methinks he wouldn’t be pleased… but my real Professor is probably chuckling.


4 responses to “Spiritual Dishonesty

  1. well said my friend. i couldn’t agree more!

  2. patrickandchristy

    How often do we dismiss spiritual truths because we don’t fully understand them? By doing this we are closing ourselves, our spirits to the truly awesome powers of our Lord. We like to TELL people how great God is but we too often ACT like He isn’t who the Bible clearly states Him to be.

    I’ve only been to Lifepoint once but if I were still living in Wilmington, it would be my spiritual home.

  3. Ooooh! You would love it!

  4. One of the things that makes Lifepoint so “spiritually honest” is the presence of “spiritually honest” Christ followers like….Joe Carr! It is a privilege sharing the “fresh air” with friends like you!

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