Living on the edge of a miracle

I heard a man who is full of experience and wisdom make a remark this weekend that has stuck with me like stink on a skunk:

“Understand that what you are doing with God is the front edge of the miracle that he is accomplishing.”

We so often want to see the miracle and everything is about the miracle taking place. We forget that the stage has to be set for the miracle to happen. Dawn can’t break until the darkness goes away; night can’t fall until the sun sets; your stomach can’t be satisfied until your mouth does the chewing; that magical first kiss doesn’t happen until you’ve invested in that sweet young thing; water doesn’t flow from a pump until it is primed.

It’s all about preparation and expectation.

Read throught the miracles in the Word. They all were set up before they happened. Often those involved in the miracle, the actual recipients of the miracle, had no clue what was about to happen. As far as they were concerned it was the same old same old. What a shame!

My life is the swell that produces the tsunami. I’m riding the edge of the big event. I’m ushering in the miracle by what I do…

Puts a whole new perspective on my outlook.


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