Church Magic

Given that most folks think we are crazy, quite a few think we are less than biblical and faithful, and others don’t know what to think, what is happening at Lifepoint Church is nothing short of spectacular.

It is so palpable that you can touch it, feel it.

The hard part is about to begin; 0 to 400 has been a breeze (well, ok, not a breeze, maybe a Category 2 hurricane), but 400 to 1000 is going to test us. And it will come hard and fast.

I’m ready for the ride!


3 responses to “Church Magic

  1. i am so glad that you and arimar are along for the ride!! we couldn’t do it without you guys!! you are so awesome!!

  2. Oooh! You make me blush… 🙂

  3. Yea….U know, if Gods behind it (and Im sure he is) we need to get ready…U cant stop a hurricane…but you can be ready for it 🙂 I cant wait!!

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