God’s fireworks

Last night God really put on a pyrotechnics show!

I’m sure most of you were deep into your beauty sleep (and many of you don’t live in Wilmington), so you probably missed it. But around 2:00 a.m. God cut loose with over an hour of really fantastic lightning.

It was just like a Fourth of July fireworks show, starting slowly with little noise, just flashes of light. It proceed to get brighter, louder and more intense. Finally a tremendous lightning strike, an explosion and a gentle, but insistent, rain began to fall, lasting 10 minutes.

Then, all was quiet.

It was really cool!

2 responses to “God’s fireworks

  1. so you were already awake too, huh? it was a great time to be with God alone.

  2. and then u wake up for coffee and Jesus at 6…niceeeee

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