The Wedding Dress

I follow the blog of a really neat fellow by the name of Thiago (“James” in English). His blog is iPodJesus. Though in Portuguese, he puts up lots of fantastic music from here in the U.S. and Australia as well as .

Today, he had this up (“The Wedding Dress”) by Derek Webb.

I’ve never heard of Derek Webb. Maybe he’s a big name, but to me he was an unknown.

I loved this piece. Thiago stated:

Isso não é só uma poesia bonita, perceba a emoção a vontade, ou melhor espontâneidade, em expressar a música. Nada forçado.

This isn’t just pretty poetry, notice the simple expression of emotion, or better, the spontaneity, of the music. Nothing is forced.


5 responses to “The Wedding Dress

  1. Derek Webb is a great singer.
    He sings in Caedmon’s Call too, and this music is very beautiful.
    See you friend.

  2. Derek Webb is the lead singer of Caedmon’s Call. I really like his solo stuff and Caedmon’s aswell.

  3. Thanks! That shows you how much I know!

  4. Oi Thiago! Eu não tinha nenhuma idéia quem ele era. E eu gosto da música deles! Eu sei o que eu gosto, mas não sei quem toca ou canta. Triste, né?!

  5. Today I was watch this video again, and my heart can’t understand, this jealous from husband.
    His love is not on sale, but we can give him, loving others that he loves before that we.
    I try write in your language 🙂 .

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