Some days it just hurts to get out of bed

Yesterday was one of those!

It was a day that had been carefully planned to allow me time to work on our web page at work, but doing so from home. If you’ve ever done that (worked on a web page or done any type of graphic work), you know you must be able to concentrate for more than 5 minutes at a time. That is impossible in the office.

We also had a scheduled visit by the “Appliance Doctor” (his name, not mine) to come and “treat” my broken dryer. So, I’d be able to kill the two proverbial birds with one simple stone.

You know it didn’t happen, don’t you? So what happened?

  • Someone broke into our store in the early morning hours, smashing one of the large plate glass windows to make their entry, grabbed what they could carry (including our cash register drawer and key that allows us to operate it). We got the call around 8:00 a.m.
  • The “Appliance Doctor” must have had too many “patients” booked because he was late and then pronounced a near-terminal diagnosis that would cost the price of next month’s rent to cure the poor creature.
  • Stephanie, our employee, developed a bad headache and had to leave (making it impossible for us to leave the office).
  • Our credit card that we use to place all of our orders with was put into a “security hold,” meaning that the bank computer thought it was being fraudulently used and locked it down so NO ONE could use it. It didn’t matter that it was used in the same way we always use it every day and have done so for the last FIVE YEARS. I had the “pleasure” of dealing with a really turdy fellow by the name of Jason — Jason just couldn’t understand why the account would be put on security hold if the card had not been stolen. Telling him that it was in my hand as we spoke seemed to have really freaked him out.
  • The electric company said we’d not paid our electric bill and that it was going to be turned off (it had been paid and they didn’t turn it off — I count that “quality time” on the phone with Sue from Progress Energy as a kind of mental vacation: I wanted to jump through the phone and choke her and, as a result, I didn’t even once think about all the broken glass spread over the floor or the hot air coming in where the plate glass window used to be 🙂 ). I wish I could have gotten Jason and Sue together; I think they’d make a lovely, though intolerable, couple.
  • A wire transfer we’d sent to pay one of our vendors in Brazil “bounced” because the bank didn’t have the routing number. Someone forgot to mention to them that banks in Brazil DON’T HAVE ROUTING NUMBERS! They use something called SWIFT codes. This had happened LAST FRIDAY but they only decided to tell me YESTERDAY! My vendor called (of course!) and wanted to know why we’d not paid him (“go ask the bank!”). I got to meet Joan. I think Joan is Jason’s sister.
  • One of our phone lines went dead. No explaination, it just died. I guess it was tired. The phone lady, Erika (“Hi, I’m Erika with a ‘K,’ not a ‘C.” My response: “Huh?”) was couple of bricks shy of a full load. I was obviously taxing her mental facilities with the description of my problem. Thinking about it, she might be a better match for Jason.
  • My bluetooth phone earpiece must need a root canal, or, in sympathy to the phone line that died, it went on strike and refused to work. Since I spend many hours a day on the phone, my ear looked like cauliflower when quitting time rolled around. I didn’t feel like trying to call Motorola; I was afraid of who I might talk to.
  • And last, but certainly not least, when we finally got home last night and were going to have a nice cup of coffee to wind down from an interesting day, WE DIDN’T HAVE ANY COFFEE FILTERS IN THE HOUSE!

I went to bed early…


2 responses to “Some days it just hurts to get out of bed

  1. Yikes! Somedays you eat the bear and somedays the bear eats you…I guess Yogi made a picnic lunch basket out of you Joe. I am so sorry. I can certainly commiserate. I am fighting with a whopping case of the summertime creeping crud! SNIFF! HACK! COFF!

  2. patrickandchristy

    The bad news: you have really ticked Satan off and he’s trying very hard to distract you and probably destroy you in some way.

    The good news: you must be doing something that makes God really happy!

    So good job Joe! Keep it up!!!

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