Real Worship

One of the blogs I like to read is Tim Stevens’ Tim is the executive pastor at Granger Community Church. He recently posted this video and quoted one of the teachers at Granger stating that it was “one of the closest examples of worship he’s ever seen.” Tim went on to note: “Even I got goose-bumps and tears in my eyes as I watched it.”

I was intrigued by the commentary and clicked on the video, totally unprepared for what I watched. I’ll have to admit that I, too, got the goose-bumps and teary eyes.

Paul Potts, the man in the video, is a man living out his passion. What man or woman is there among us, as followers of the Living Lord, that cannot stand before the world and display the uncanny ability to touch the face of God through a life lived unexpectedly.

Paul Potts did go on to win the “Britain’s Got Talent” competition and has now released a CD “One Chance” through Sony/BMG.

Appropriate, wouldn’t you say?


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