Ask not, have not

Many years ago, there was this sweet young thing I desperately wanted to ask out. She had beautiful, flowing red hair and I thought she was the vision of loveliness. She made my heart go ratty-tat-tat every time she walked by and I became incapable of forming rational sentences in her presence. Thinking back on it, I’m just glad my mouth didn’t stay in an open position whenever I was around her.

There were many times when I picked up the phone to ask her out, only to hang up. Sometimes I actually dialed the number, but never completed the call (this was in the days when Caller ID hadn’t even been thought of).

Alas, I suffered for two years, graduated from high school and went off to college.

Years later I actually had the chance to speak with her and confessed of my puppy love in years gone by.

Her response: “I always wanted you to ask me out, but you never did. I thought you had no interest in me.”


I was reminded of this event Sunday when talking with a friend. We were talking about what has been going on in Brasil and he simply said: “Don’t suffer from not having because you don’t ask.” Funny how my red-headed girl’s face popped into my mind.

I know I’m guilty of this. We probably all are. The question becomes what to do about it.

I read a passage this morning that answers the question. 2 Chronicles 32:1-23. Bottom line of the story? It doesn’t matter how difficult, how needy, how impossible, how ridiculous the situation or need is — ask God to intervene.

You just might see an Angel of the Lord showing up to destroy the Assyrian army.

But, if you don’t ask, down the road you might have to hear how He wanted to bless you but had been simply waiting to hear you request it.


One response to “Ask not, have not

  1. Oh man, I needed to hear that…

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