Messing folks up

Sometimes I can really mess people up! 🙂

While I don’t always mean to do so, there are times when I really want to. One fellow that got a bad case of “Joeitis” recently is a friend of mine named Patrick. He made a serious mistake of treking down to Ubaúna with us last month and found himself in the Joe black hole. Four thousand miles away from home, unable to speak the language, totally at my mercy, the poor fellow was inudated with the philosophy of the World According to Joe.img_1189.jpg

Like I mentioned, sometimes I really do want to get under a person’s skin, in a good way, of course. Poor ol’ Patrick got a good skin rash!

The fellow has the proverbial hot coal up the hinny for Jesus. It excites me that he is so excited. Check out his new blog and catch some of his enthusiasm. He also has some good Brasil photos to show off as well.


4 responses to “Messing folks up

  1. is that the black doo doo medicine i see?? =)

  2. patrickandchristy

    I couldn’t get enough of “Joeitis”. I know I worried you to death. I was determined before I left that I was going to spend as much time with and around you as possible so I could just absorb your energy, passion for and knowledge of Christ. I told Christy that I knew I only had two weeks with you so I was going to maximize the time. You and Arimar are truly inspiring and motivational to us. I think you should move to Savannah!!! Interested??? Then you’d get me 24/7. Sound appealing. If not, how about Ubauna?

    And “the hot coal up the hinny for Jesus” didn’t even hurt!!! We’re praying God will take our excitement and use it to bring people to Christ first and foremost, but also into the Gospel for Brazil family. I hope we can get out-of-way so He can work through us.

    Thanks for the “Leave A Legacy” plug. Please check it out everyone!

  3. patrickandchristy

    I definitely am not so proud that I won’t drink the charcoal. At the slightest growling of my stomach I’ll chug it down. I take no chances 4,000 miles from home. It actually tastes like chocolate milk, sorta!

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