I never knew “disgusting” was so interesting

Last night I had run across Gary Lamb’s post on his reaction to “over the top” spending on a church building. I’ve never met Gary but I like his writing and I’m in contact with some of the graphic arts gurus at Ridgestone who think that what’s happening in Canton, GA is the best thing since slice bread was invented. This isn’t about him or Ridgestone, but an interesting twist on my takeoff of his post.

I’m probably a bit more rabid about the topic than Gary is  just because I’m older and have had more time to be upset. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that we’d both give a pretty significant slugfest in our disgust of such “fiddling while Rome is burning” attitudes towards the Lord’s resources.

I’ve gotten lots of feedback and I’ll admit that I’m surprised by some of it. What it has confirmed is that such attitudes have turned many folks off to the church. That’s sad, though very understandable. Worse, it has kept people from exploring the invitation that Jesus offers them. That is inexcusable!

There is only one thing that matters — getting the invitation for life eternal into the hands of the lost — and anything, anything that hinders, deflects or destroys that is simply disgusting.


2 responses to “I never knew “disgusting” was so interesting

  1. Thanks for the shout out Joe. I try to check your blog out about once a week. I have no idea who you have been talking to here at The Stone but I am glad they speak highly of us. 🙂

    This building was sick but it wasn’t a church, it was worse. It was a denominational state building.

  2. Hi Gary,

    You’ve got more folks speaking highly of what’s taking place in Canton than you might imagine!

    Keep it up!

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