Back in the saddle

First real day back in the office after the Brasil trip — it’s always a killer.

It took me seeing a couple of folks to get back in the groove and even then I found myself thinking about the kids in Ubaúna and the camaraderie with the Brasilian workers and the American team. The more I become involved with what is happening there the more it captures my heart.

One response to “Back in the saddle

  1. we missed you! glad you are back and had safe travels. i wish you were here sunday and could’ve met our friend sasha rasmussen and his new wife maria silvia- they are missionaries in argentina (she’s a local!) and they are back in the states raising more support and visiting friends. it’s her first time ever in the states too! you’d get along great with them. wonderful couple and passionate- you can read a little more about it on my last blog. see ya soon!

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